Atsushi Suwa

Born 1967 in Hokkaido, Japan (1967.sep.18)
1992  MFA from Musashino Art University
1994  Awarded two-year residency in Spain through the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists provided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
2018  Became professor at Musashino Art University

Selected solo exhibitions

1994  "L'ESPOIR" (Ginza Surugadai Gallery , Tokyo Japan)
2000  "Kazuo Ohno and Yoshito Ohno" (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo Japan)
2007  "Reunion ~ Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno" (Gallery Milieu, Tokyo Japan)
    "SLEEPERS 3.0" (Tokyo Art Club, Japan)
2008  "Realist with compound eyes" (The Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo Japan)
2011  " To Live or to Die, We Share the Same Fate "
    (Gallery Naruyama , Tokyo Japan )
    " Can’t see anything anyway"( Suwa City Museum of Art, Nagano Japan)
2013  ”Follow the Phase of the Moon” (Gallery Naruyama, Tokyo Japan )
2017  "After 2011 / Incomplete" (Artium, Fukuoka Japan)
2019  "Solaris" (Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong)

Selected group exhibitions / Prize

1995  The First Prize in the 5th International Painting Competition
    (The Barcelo’ Foundation, Mallorca Spain)
1998  Japanese Modern Artist Exhibition (Shanghai Art Museum, China )
2001  "Ryoyo-no-me" The Exhibition of Modern Paintings
    (Mitsukoshi, Tokyo Japan)
2002  "Mountain-The Beauty of Eastern Japan" The JR East Japan
    (Tokyo Station Gallery)
    " REALISM NOW " (Nara Prefectural Museum of Art , Japan)
2003  " The Excellence Prize in the 22th Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition
    (Sompo Japan Museum of Art , Tokyo, Japan)
2003  "Christmas in Peace" (THE SATO MUSEUM OF ART , Tokyo Japan)
2005  Art Fair Tokyo (Tokyo International Forum , Saihodo Gallery)
2007  “Journey - Encounters and Dialogues with Foreign Cultures
    “ The 40th Anniversary of the Japanese Government
    Overseas Study Program for Artists provided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs (THE NATIONAL ART CENTER, Tokyo Japan)
    "Born in Hokkaido : Fruit of the Earth, Man and Art"
    (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan)
    TCAF 2007 (Tokyo Art Club, Tokyo Japan)
2008  Art Fair Tokyo 2008 (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Japan)
    Art Taipei 2008(TWTC Exhibition Hall, Taipei Taiwan)
2009  ART@AGNES (The Agnes Hotel and Apartments, Tokyo Japan)
    Musashino Art University 80th Anniversary Exhibition “The Power of
    Paintings The Magic of Paintings” (Musashino Art University, Tokyo Japan)
2010  ART HK 10( Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre)
    “KOH-JYUTSU”(Spiral Hall, Tokyo Japan)
2011  ART HK 11( Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre)
    “TEDARE KOH-JYUTSU 2”(Spiral Hall, Tokyo Japan)
2012  “Masculinity “ (Gallery Naruyama Tokyo Japan)
    “The Nude: From Takeji Fujishima to Atsushi Suwa” (Kasama Nichido Museum of Art)
    (Kasama Nichido Museum of Art ,Ibaraki Japan)
    “With Pencil “ (Gallery Naruyama Tokyo Japan)
    ART HK 12 ( Hong Kong Convention and Exbition Center)
    “KOWAKU KOH-JYUTSU 3” (Spiral Hall, Tokyo Japan)
    “KARUIZAWA NO KAZE” Japanese modern art from 1959-now
    (Karuizawa New Art Museum , Nagano Japan)
    The Play of The Plan’12-’13 (Takasaki City Museum)
2013  “ Imago Mundi “ (Venice Italy) also participated for artists selection
2014  「Currents Japanese contemporary art」 (James Christie Room)
     「Cherry Blossom Bal」 (Gallery Naruyama Tokyo Japan)
     The APBF Signature Art Prize 2014 (Singapore Art Museum)
2015  ART TAIPEI 2015 (TWTC Exhibition Hall / Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery)
     ASIA NOW (Espace Pierre Cardin / Gallery Naruyama)
2016  The Exhibition of the Yokohama Museum of Art: Collection 2015 Part3 ( Yokohama Museum of Ar t Japan )
2017 Portrait (Gallery Koyanagi Tokyo Japan)
   Clear eyed spirit仝illiam Klein × Yoshito Ohono × Anohni (Terrada G1-5f, Tokyo Japan)
2019 The Past of Realistic Paintings " Now and Then(Kasama Nichido Museum of Art, Curatorial Exhibition Hall)
2020   Received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon from The Emperor of Japan
Sapporo International Art Festival 2020 (cancelled)

Other milestones (TV Program / Book)

Featured on NHK-TV’s art program “Doyou-bi no asa (NHK) Painter - Atsushi Suwa"
Published 1st monograph "ATSUSHI SUWA PAINTINGS 1995-2005"
(pub. Kyuryudou) ISBN 4-7630-0518-9 C0071
Produced first edition work in collaboration with KYOTO BENRIDO
Produced illustrations to accompany Yoshikichi Furui’s essay series “ RAKUTEN NO HIBI “published in The Mainichi Shinbun (through 2010)
Featured on NHK-TV’s art program “Nichiyou Bijyutsukan (Sunday Art Museum)
Published 2nd monograph "ATSUSHI SUWA PAINTINGS Can’t see anything anyway" (pub. Kyuryudou) ISBN978-4-7630-1130-5 C0071
Acted as a model whose picture is featured on a magazine cover (Weekly AERA)
Featured on NHK-TV’s culture program “El Mundo”
Interviewed Antonio Lopez Garcia, a central figure in the Spanish Realism movement for Japanese Art Magazine GEIJYUTSU SHINCHO
Began writing a series of book reviews for the art magazine Geijutsu Shincho. (book PICK UP)
Appeared in ETV's special feature "Portrait of the Forgotten People - Painter Atsushi Suwa "Painting Manchurian Refugees Featured.
The Art explorers " by Atsushi Suwa, Osamu Saruyama (Gyume Layout Studio) and Tomoyuki Morioka (Morioka Bookstore) Squad" was formed. A short, intensive series of articles in the June-August 2020 issue of Geijutsu Shincho.


Public collections

Kuraya Corporation ~ Medipal holdings Corporation (Tokyo Japan)
The Barcelo’ Foundation (Mallorca Spain)
East Japan Railway Company (Tokyo Station Gallery / Japan)
Kurayoshi Museum・Kurayoshi History and Folklore Museum (Shimane Japan)
Machiko Hasegawa Art Museum (Tokyo Japan)
Kasama Nichido Museum of Art (Ibaraki Japan)
The Sato Museum of Art (Tokyo Japan)
Hoki Collection (Chiba Japan)
Yokohama Museum of Art (Kanagawa Japan)  
Suwa City Museum of Art (Nagano Japan)
Benetton Collection (Venice Italy) 
Thomas Koerfer Collection (Zurich Switzerland) 
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima Japan)
Daikyo Corporation (Ishikawa Japan)
Azmaya Co., Ltd.(Tokyo Japan)