SINCE 18 MAY 2003  /   LAST UPDATE 10 JUL. 2020


月刊誌 芸術新潮 2020年6〜8月号。 全3回の短期集中連載を展開中。

The June issue of Geijutsu Shincho, a monthly magazine that will be released on May 25.
I'm starting a short-form series.
The content is a research presentation of a new unit formed by
Atsushi Suwa, a painter, Osamu Saruyama, who presides over the Guillemets layout studio, and Morioka Yoshiyuki Morioka, who presides over Morioka Shoten.
The unit name "Art Explorers" was the brainchild of Morioka Yoshiyuki, and you can read his essays in this magazine.

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